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B.H. Fraser

February 12th, 2007.

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This dream and this devil –
   Seemingly singing.
The cut of these teeth
   Upon a round shape
Upon what’s mine
   Just a trance in itself.

All eyes turning to this –

A mile high in pleasurable trance.
   At the centre, I reach with my mouth
   To make a trophy
of this image.

More so, faster, all pleasure
   Now arise from kneeling
To a fresh ministry,
   To ‘Cream Kingdom’ –
To higher powers
   I commend my waist

upon Cavalry, martyred.

That certain chocolate
   Has the godly power of grace
Which first was ‘given us’ –
   Which now we taste
Knowing as long as it lasts,
   No other thing exists.

But still I cross myself


If chocolate was a tree,
   it would have great knowledge
and you would be Adam

            and I would be Eve.

Watch Out »

B.H. Fraser

February 12th, 2007.

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   Yourself watched.

And in the office in which you were recorded

   you were

   muttering to a high up, angry satellite

it’s mind and yours –

   Make no sound except

A cluster of legs accelerated into

   numbers heated by bodies of banter in

   the lunchtime work-out, fitness,

ready for the quick stamp panic attack,

of early get/out.

   Followed, we were armed for both system and escalator,

descending further

as we cross a trackless plain

   directed by camera.

A million rush past every minute but never shout –

   we never will.

      This is our only record.

My Weather Gone Nuclear »

B.H. Fraser

February 12th, 2007.

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Now emerged, set off at a tremendous pace
at the crest of a ridge, surprised
we knelt more in fear
                                       than love
and water helped to ask
"is this all it is this this sun of ours?"


   There goes another experiment
               to shelter us.

Caught our breath, it did, to observe
each tree and root in light,
reminded of the cool beneath,

      sunk to our knees
we no longer could tell the difference

between the dead and

      the warm stones of the living –
  no compass but something dark and quiet


canopy over all

and over earth guided us to nil.
Was it enough to lie there?

To pick the new horizon above?
To walk on and up, to reveal
from this point on, in nice commercials,

electric storms ahead, rain, floods,
The re-organisation of cities –
all that we had
with categories of a hundred atom bombs


an empty, glorious sunset.

A hollow boom preceded by air raid warning

         did not know enough.

Neil Armstrong, Did Do You Lie To Us? »

B.H. Fraser

February 12th, 2007.

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Now around you, voyager, the oil-greased joints
of planet-pumping hearts
into a space between dark, mirror images
telling but unable to speak.
His words are still in a voyage of nothing,
communicated across
both past and present
as a future distance,
mere pulse in the round hole of infinity
of which he cannot know the starting point or finish.
Neil, did you lie to us?
Did you conquer the planets from your sitting room?

York Station »

B.H. Fraser

February 12th, 2007.

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The enterprise of great words –
   Forward, alert, troubled, wretched diesel smelling
Remembered voices squabbling amongst
   the waves of mothers
Wishing their daughters happy goodbyes
   Glanced at windows and wanderings
In step to the sleepy rhythms
   Awarded others now quiet in motion –
The going into journey of miles deep in sentence,
   Every sense a sound of something.

Dear Dream »

B.H. Fraser

February 12th, 2007.

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Dear dream in the breeze a blood rich earth,
   A running away, the silence,
Troubled sounds are only nerve-endings,
   A come back, a surprise you gave yourself.
Then in light awkward – the conscience of my sleep,
   Burst my head to greet a riding horse,
The fiercest blast, a kick, a stubborn shake,
   A tail twisted, the smell of sweat perhaps.
Before leaving as calmly as it had come,
   No clue but the quiet earth – dust sound
Scattered in the shade of an unreconciled sleep,
   Those hooves now distant were a dream untamed.

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