A New Creed

We believe in one vision, a holy, most almighty,
  maker of money, of all that is selfish and greedy.
We believe in it.
  Until every being of this earth shall be helpless to resist.
For it came down for our salvation, by the power of credit
  that bankers were blessed and became famous.
For our sake, they prayed and got inside information
  and made a profit causing comment.
The regulators crucified them but they rise again in glory
  with much more
and this kingdom shall have no end.
  We believe in this, the giver of bling
who proceeds from generation to generation.
  Money has spoken and we believe in an almighty frenzy
to borrow as much as our neighbour
  until the end of the air we breathe –
it is a new form of baptism.
  And we look to repay it after we are dead. Amen.

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