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Hugh The Fish »

B.H. Fraser

July 19th, 2023.

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Thank you, Sea, for granting me this wish

   To swim in weightless bliss

And find some pirate thing

   Yo-ho-ho-ing on a deadman’s chest.

Buried deep was it

    Eight pieces of eight 

      Floating away with Hugh The Fish.

                   Tortola 2023

Golden Gate Bridge »

B.H. Fraser

May 1st, 2021.

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I am global, psychic, sexed-DEATH:

My thirst is what it is.


On me, bumper to bumper

With lights crystal I feel good about myself.


I shall as myself square away these I stand upon

Golden and damned

Which sailors sail beneath:



Some days I can be cross-legged

And appear to join the swimmers

And swim naked.


I take everything and sleep with it:


Named by these noises and lights,



Each design I first made and then rejected.


And all the time I celebrate,


Putting the finishing and finishing to my parable.


Riding about, including memory,

People are astounded by my beauty,

My width and touch even those who exit up.


For you, San Andreas, I wait,


A light only I know that directs.


Your comings and goings,


Standing in the sun lit.


And when you do, I plan to walk right out.

Coming from Buffalo »

B.H. Fraser

April 1st, 2021.

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Coming from Buffalo


in electronic thunder,


Moose sits on a bridge between nowhere and anger


in the tumbling down of numbers




a regular formula


he had about the morning rush hour –


a Moose species


in phone-land, locked down and gated,


in paralysis.








bets against himself


all spontaneous and specialist




while falling


a long way and back again.


Looks down on himself: he is muted,

spewed forth finally from heated tunnel –


each bump a jolt concentrated


and without thinking


in a glass eye of blind tempo,


tools ready, eyes ahead, weather-beaten, almost military.


The memory of Washington


Each morning in a mirror:


to make a million.

The War on Terror »

B.H. Fraser

March 1st, 2021.

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As we crossed a trackless plain

directed by camera –

our only record
as we crossed a trackless plain

directed by camera:


A cluster of legs accelerated

numbers heated by bodies

heated by bodies
ready for the quick stamp panic attack

of gas attack.

Repeated and played and watched
by men and women tracking us

senior officials with senior and sensitive facts

about our lives and loves

repeating to themselves

it was good for us to be watched

and after the attack to conclude

there were now less of us to track.

Bust »

B.H. Fraser

February 1st, 2021.

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With bills to pay more bills

Along a stony path of i-o-u-s

The good doctor would say to me:

‘I have a giant conspiracy to make you happy.’

Is it easy to use the spring, the safety catch I mean.

I guess I owe to you a snafu or something:

A pup to stroke like it was new,

A forget-me-not or two.

Hail to the chief »

B.H. Fraser

January 1st, 2021.

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Hey, Amigo. Yes, Gringo.

You and I we travel in tunnels.

They say this stuff makes you invincible.

So both of us in shadow –

the brain controlling sums alien.

These sums measure the smallest tremble.

Amigo, I notice your hand upon something personal.

And after we are done, I forgot to mention

I’ll be waiting.

Escobar, Jesus is coming.



So show respect.

Assist me, assist The Magnificent.

I am invincible on ground unlimited.

And I sit in tower with cup between industry and dust

organiser of the money shot.

In each face

where once were words now is humming.

He is? Tell me he is.

He is: “es nuestro amigo”

We told you before,

Escobar, Jesus is coming.



Gringo, this wall you said….

Amigo, it’s likely to account for many dead

but who cares / what the heck.

We have this tunnel of ours:

to enter together and lie there flat wanting,

the sweat of coke, the sweat of ambrosia.

It could be quite a party and I shall lack little:

Escobar, I hope you vote for me.

And you one day for me, Gringo,

when America is Mexican.

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