With something personal

Hand upon receiver

Make this truly awesome.

Die Hard guys laughing and giggling

   To themselves as they ordered pizza.

Who measure this smallest tremble.

Kids raised on Marx and aphrodisia

The same boys (spoilt I think)

    Who broke the campus window

To the hot gates

Every top floor directed –

Ice sculpture of ourselves in victory.

Told to be alert, sensible

As the smirk shifted

To bundled reserves

In mysterious havens –

Correlated lights

For many to swim to.

Make science alchemy

If crazy/others madmen.

We stand in shadows

At times motionless.

   From the depths: Listen. Terror. Kiss.

To those who push back

Who fall but want a piece of us.

Instead we step aside

  To take to the inferno

Where dogs clean their bowls in pure lust

And money is like gold dust

A four minute warning is all you’ve got to join us.


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