Best Bargains

Sit perfectly still and be kissed

  while sunning yourself

    beside the heat of home-made screen

           this good news, the new year brings.

                Bargains by the dozen,

                    go out visit a crowd of mad gunmen

               haunting the aisles of exploding shopping malls.

As when in irrational mood

     they spray the car park with guns and food

everyone agrees shopping is ecstasy;

    with the wildness on every person’s lips

        that speaks direct.

                I don’t care, I got here first

         with mouth pursed, kneel,

  to hear a final word: a loaded quip.


        No fire or glamour, no words or hammer


      What light is let into the empty brain ?

Is it heroin or cocaine? Or just nerve ending ?

    To pause, engage, kiss

              with this vast fix

      that we see across the sky in smiling lips.

Have I not free will to drive in, shop and kill ?

                                                To celebrate a

prosperous year for all fanatics

                                              and everyone else in any

kind of racket

                                          such as our friends in


                                  There are lots of cameras around

                              with which to spy upon us.

                            It makes them smile

                      to see all that moody heat

                  chasing deals up and down the street.

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