Business Travel – Executive Style

Like the girl on TV, ‘Miss Celebrity’

Coming back to me

     Deep in thought

  as I navigate the night reading

Hoping she saw up there ‘flyers’.

“Miss, I tell you

the whole extent is wonderful

Downned in one gulp,

In many dreams as one,

          Migrating somewhere, some place


your curves on the fuselage of chartered light

in the wide but visible unknown of hide and seek”.

      Up here

……with soap, clean linen, hotel ‘a la carte’

and in the sunlight stroke between “them” –

     pale, smoke

                and glassed

horizons that fiercely burnt this last light

(and life)

With heat stroke.

Where it’s always light but breathless

     And glows green/white –

To the end of ‘all seeing’

Of the-not-seeing-under-control-rountine.

Finally migrating away.

     in airless flight

Both senseless and simulated.


Lowering a wing inward.

    With the world alight as we make this final approach

To think of her smile,

     The screen ahead fusing itself

With this vision

       And the next.

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