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An Approach »

B.H. Fraser

February 12th, 2007.

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Never speaking

With your eyes
You have
A thousand times
Made me
Alert. A longed for
As I enter:
Offering a drink,
As I watch myself
Inspired. It’s said:
You smile, turning

The Word ‘Occasional’ »

B.H. Fraser

February 12th, 2007.

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The two-ing and frow-ing –
   as the girl on the street
a-winking as I walk all hidden
   old friend/reliable/brief
not to the road wise-winking
   but the walking away thing.
Smashed right through she did
   as I looked at her shoes
to sink-sinking
   on the road to friend/friendly
thinking I was the King of Kings
   On the occasion of the‘occasional’
Wink or flirt here in good old Chelsea.

Backing ‘Them’ »

B.H. Fraser

February 12th, 2007.

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Enter via a dark tunnel

   the wild furnace

      of one on top of another –

in a second each replaces another

by the tumbling down of numbers

                                         in towers,

of electronic thunder

      flashing signals

to each ‘another’

   as rivals in battle


merger and take-over;


            high up over London

      pitching formulae

into the morning rush hour





bet against themselves

all spontaneous and specialist


while falling

a long way and back again

singing to themselves “amen”

                        (even amidst the raging storm)



         friction of numbers

            every aspect of their life living

looks down on us, we who are muted,

spewed forth from heated tunnel –

each step a march concentrated

      and without thinking

         in a glass eye of blind tempo,

tools ready, eyes ahead,


holding the weight of one ton on our backs

                    backing ‘Them’.

Twenty Four By Seven, Whatever »

B.H. Fraser

February 12th, 2007.

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It is still – a unity unto itself, each day
   this air inhaled
Climbing higher still our bodies invigorated by

        New longing, assumptions assuming new miracles
   To be broken by the start of morning.
   Of bells fresh but not calling.

It was a fight nobody could win.
   Like all business, it comes down to two men –
                              testing themselves
(not before the walls but within).

Dealers, brokers – a trust we had in them.
   All share the spoils – two wives want dresses.
Finally enters the prize: an ice sculpture of the winner –
                                                "it’s his birthday!"
   That marked the spending for personal use,
A fee for banking,
                                       the nod to accounting…..

Sulphur inhaled in every street
               while people fall, trying to eat it
Only to be asphyxiated by a ‘night air’.
   Others, leave.
Their routine begins and ends at Temple.
   Only the lovers stay,

these two men as lovers kiss and share the profits.

   Having made their numbers –

     the clock strikes twelve to begin again.

A New Creed »

B.H. Fraser

February 12th, 2007.

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We believe in one vision, a holy, most almighty,
  maker of money, of all that is selfish and greedy.
We believe in it.
  Until every being of this earth shall be helpless to resist.
For it came down for our salvation, by the power of credit
  that bankers were blessed and became famous.
For our sake, they prayed and got inside information
  and made a profit causing comment.
The regulators crucified them but they rise again in glory
  with much more
and this kingdom shall have no end.
  We believe in this, the giver of bling
who proceeds from generation to generation.
  Money has spoken and we believe in an almighty frenzy
to borrow as much as our neighbour
  until the end of the air we breathe –
it is a new form of baptism.
  And we look to repay it after we are dead. Amen.

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