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Troll »

B.H. Fraser

October 8th, 2018.

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 How very dull to be taken by a troll

At the start of my visit to Oslo.

  If you believe in them

it will be easy to understand a key play of Ibsen.

  Such as why they poisoned the water

In a letter delivered by the daughter.

  Which gets me back

to the Troll and Dr Stockman:

  Who are both rather brave and fearsome.

Lucy »

B.H. Fraser

April 30th, 2018.

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after Matsuo Bashō

In the nearly sun

    A mist rises on the water

To the now awake


Two bees make honey

    In a flower sweet but still

Alone as welcome


To something alert

    A swan moving in a lake

Upon gold they sit


Observers of light

    There is something electric

In this crest of white


As the bees work

    A mesmerising sound grows

To constant measure


Light on the water

    That sings its song to the dawn

In time to the beat