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Nighthawks »

B.H. Fraser

May 1st, 2020.

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by another name, the nameless wood:

a strenuous monotony of being awake

where I could not go on

but did

to the middle of a vision

to walk and go beyond

going to the limit

to hear only the echo of footsteps

in my viewless, steady tread.

i had no more lust for knowledge

even its branches

suspended even from sleep talk

to know more about my sleepwalk –

in this soft earth only secrets.

as i realised the senses between night and morning

are nameless.

11th September »

B.H. Fraser

April 1st, 2020.

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into a chasm of names

not selected/random

but at the appointed time saved

to live forever

although all of us alive –


by a signal lit upon the sky:

a great blitz of seats

reserved to hold hands

falling into a minute that seemed like a century

ready to leave

although I would fail to say good-bye

and would be missed and miss-ng

a temporary monument

these temples I wrote of

now silenced as trucks crashed

into our last defence and all the eyes

could not devour in one sitting the sight

of so many;

you can still find me though I am missing

in a chasm of something.

Animal Thing »

B.H. Fraser

March 1st, 2020.

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He stands upon the grid,

Like hairy Cupid.


He rules above us as porn king

A model of international stardom.


He is to himself magnificent

As animal thing.


He does much, much

And wears a magic ring.

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