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Hail to the Chief »

B.H. Fraser

February 5th, 2019.

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Hey, Amigo. Yes, Gringo.

You and I we travel in tunnels.

They say this stuff makes you invincible.

So both of us in shadow –

the brain controlling sums alien.

These sums measure the smallest tremble.

Amigo, I notice your hand upon something personal.

And after we are done, I forgot to mention

I’ll be waiting

Escobar, Jesus is coming.



So show respect.

Assist me, assist The Magnificent.

I am invincible on ground unlimited.

And I sit in tower with cup between industry and dust

organiser of the money shot.

In each face

where once were words now is humming.

He is? Tell me he is.

He is: “es nuestro amigo”

We told you before, Escobar, Jesus is coming.



Gringo, this wall you said….

Amigo, it’s likely to account for many dead

but who cares / what the heck.

We have this tunnel of ours:

to enter together and lie there flat wanting,

the sweat of coke, the sweat of ambrosia.

It could be quite a party and I shall lack little:

Escobar, I hope you vote for me.

And you one day for me

when America is Mexican.

Troll »

B.H. Fraser

October 8th, 2018.

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 How very dull to be taken by a troll

At the start of my visit to Oslo.

  If you believe in them

it will be easy to understand a key play of Ibsen.

  Such as why they poisoned the water

In a letter delivered by the daughter.

  Which gets me back

to the Troll and Dr Stockman:

  Who are both rather brave and fearsome.

Lucy »

B.H. Fraser

April 30th, 2018.

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after Matsuo Bashō

In the nearly sun

    A mist rises on the water

To the now awake


Two bees make honey

    In a flower sweet but still

Alone as welcome


To something alert

    A swan moving in a lake

Upon gold they sit


Observers of light

    There is something electric

In this crest of white


As the bees work

    A mesmerising sound grows

To constant measure


Light on the water

    That sings its song to the dawn

In time to the beat

Plenty @ The Public Theater New York »

B.H. Fraser

November 16th, 2016.

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It was all a bit of a mistake, slightly careless:

due to a mix up with the Americans

the wrong things went to the wrong place.

‘Ambassador?’  ‘What?’

‘Excellency, that was and is,’

‘Is it … slightly hopeless, I mean,

to lose an Empire due to Suez?’

‘What?’  ‘I mean, Ambassador, shall I draw the curtains?’

‘Yes, draw the curtains at the embassy.’

Fix It »

B.H. Fraser

September 21st, 2016.

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No rhyme or reason

Or rationalisation

Some vague notion of globalisation:

A hairy bear will take my home and stay there.

Brexit? Is that you?

I thought, you, I mean, really? Really?

I don’t do detail, don’t care, just fix it.

While I stare at the wall

On my sunken patio.

Best Bargains »

B.H. Fraser

February 12th, 2012.

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Sit perfectly still and be kissed

  while sunning yourself

    beside the heat of home-made screen

           this good news, the new year brings.

                Bargains by the dozen,

                    go out visit a crowd of mad gunmen

               haunting the aisles of exploding shopping malls.

As when in irrational mood

     they spray the car park with guns and food

everyone agrees shopping is ecstasy;

    with the wildness on every person’s lips

        that speaks direct.

                I don’t care, I got here first

         with mouth pursed, kneel,

  to hear a final word: a loaded quip.


        No fire or glamour, no words or hammer


      What light is let into the empty brain ?

Is it heroin or cocaine? Or just nerve ending ?

    To pause, engage, kiss

              with this vast fix

      that we see across the sky in smiling lips.

Have I not free will to drive in, shop and kill ?

                                                To celebrate a

prosperous year for all fanatics

                                              and everyone else in any

kind of racket

                                          such as our friends in


                                  There are lots of cameras around

                              with which to spy upon us.

                            It makes them smile

                      to see all that moody heat

                  chasing deals up and down the street.

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