In the Beginning: California

In what seemed a time interminable

This is how the world ‘beginned’.

Let it describe it –

Had the start and no sin.

If you stumble around darkness,

It can be quite harmless.

In tints of Eden, sketches,
We was completely liquid.

Shadows but happier

Completely innocent.  We was.

We hadn’t learnt to spell or think.

To be precise we ‘knowed’ nothing.

Hadn’t put pen to ink

Or even tried to.

Space, collision
Me and Me in conversation.

A big bang,

Quite a picnic.

And what of the budded stem?  Gravity?

All things to all them.

Until the sun cames up

And everything was bright.

Even the restroom but not quite, not quite.

And all the loving I could ever have

In one night

Came from the California light.

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