Merry Christmas

                    a special kind of miser,

              i detest christmas 

          and on the feast of saint nicholas

mention neither wenceslas nor little baby jesus.

for me the plaintive note of silent night

      is cause for inter-racial fight

heralding the joyful and triumphant:

   of the intolerant and pompous.


had your fill of gloria and all those bells ? 

              and long to put end to all noels ?

then through gritted teeth, 

           wish the atheist in you 

              a merry christmas.

away in a manger ? 

 i place every shepherd in clear and present danger………..


with sharpshooters drawn from the blessed angels:

  the wounded get finished off with myrrh and incense.


 in all this misery and mayhem,

a bleak midwinter to you in the deserted village



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