My Weather Gone Nuclear

Now emerged, set off at a tremendous pace
at the crest of a ridge, surprised
we knelt more in fear
                                       than love
and water helped to ask
"is this all it is this this sun of ours?"


   There goes another experiment
               to shelter us.

Caught our breath, it did, to observe
each tree and root in light,
reminded of the cool beneath,

      sunk to our knees
we no longer could tell the difference

between the dead and

      the warm stones of the living –
  no compass but something dark and quiet


canopy over all

and over earth guided us to nil.
Was it enough to lie there?

To pick the new horizon above?
To walk on and up, to reveal
from this point on, in nice commercials,

electric storms ahead, rain, floods,
The re-organisation of cities –
all that we had
with categories of a hundred atom bombs


an empty, glorious sunset.

A hollow boom preceded by air raid warning

         did not know enough.

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