Quiet Then Shall Be Our English

My Kipling ! My father knew him. 

  When all was respect and quite amazing !  

This was what the fella sung

   who knew Kipling at Wembley


     Shall we come along ?

Join up ?  Be part of the song ?


A blank wall into which I repeat English.

     Weddings, funerals and all religion.

Comes to Sudbury.


     It has respect and will carry on.

      To discount mortgages

As from these branches sprung –


   Same as anything that is,

that is 


     “Two-one” to England.

Called this sun, 

  This fire in them that’s English.

To whom our blessed daughters 


offer their wombs

   to a savage and forgetful get-along.


Although I now remember

where you and shall one day lie

 together in the hard cold and still fury

             of the sitcom.

Quiet then shall be your English.

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