Such a pizza as this

You missed a party, a party sensational.

     Well-greased, it was.

   A pizza sensational.

Spread or sprinkle, steam or winkle,

   Seafood or prosciutto.

Ultra fast and high frequency:

   This base of bliss has outage.

   A recipe that burns the breast.

Uber ingredients of parma and tart,

   A taste to inspire mouth and throat;

A taste that inspires a Brazilian model

   Or simply fur coat.


You and I,

   To feel the taste

Must enter the oven together

And lie there flat wanting

                 The sweat of ambrosia.

   Sylvan stress,

A pizza full of adventure.

   You missed the party: a dance demonic.

    Mushrooms they gave us

And after,

 A handstand on a hedgehog

   With black swan roasted.

Anti-matter mixed with olives

   A psychotic search for optimism

Hunting porcini in the dirt of a September evening.

   A time of both tortoise and hare.

Do you remember

   The trout quintet with Maestro Schultz


All mixed in ?

  A crowd false, naked and bare –


   How could we now waltz ?  Vien ?

My tear ducts fill with all the onions

   Of every ambition,

Of every child and every bank

  Who ate on the lap of London.

Such a party you missed,

   Such a pizza as this.

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