The Speculator

Like two dogs coupling –

What’s the difference


Between Marx and Capitalism?


Both lie programmed

As if they meant it.

And amidst those stars.

That still sparkle in the gutter

How clever to call my bonus an incentive.


With the same fluency and finance,


Luminaries gather at Davos

To be made rich quietly

In their villas afterwards.


While nations slide asking for information

To bankroll their currency.


Political parties start wars

And pocket the difference.


An image gold and burnished in every household.

Bubbles, shadows, assets – they’re all a party

As central bankers hand out all the smarties.


All money corrupts but absolute money

Corrupts completely naturally.

A black box in a black hole

Of unintelligible depth and distance.

With only the analysis

Of a man with white stick as echo.


Like I said, I’ve done more for communism

Than any communist.


This pup I bred


Will cry for a generation.

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