The worlds strongest and richest man speaks out

Satisfied and belched.
                                First I sleep and then I rejoice.

                The light, as I say, is liquid.
                For my money I go a-Maying

                Purifying between my legs myself.

                I have, as well, breasts

                And stand at the entrance to every new city

                   Giving birth.
                The world’s richest and strongest speaks:
                                He has respect and is able.

                And asks –
                                Are you able to assist ?
                    To assist the Magnificent.


                                He is invincible on ground unlimited.
                                Deals for him are sex.

                                Negotiations, lust.

                                And he sits in tower with cup

                                Between industry and dust

                     Organiser of the money shot.

                    Looking into each face as music,

Call me, he says –



                And directs over us the skies


Even our exits.

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