‘unmarked’ @ remember

You said something about a song adventurous

The time I had in my younger self

Both of us in the arms of our mothers

Later as friends

To many in parks or clubs various a nuisance

And after a belly full

Now finding ourselves cripple

Circling almost squat

The shank of a walk

With old dreams and old talk

Our sight severe and at the slightest touch

Is this a secret war between us


To recall what might have been

And now I face you in the street: my old self

A misunderstanding

I wish my love was here

As I staggered towards myself

The trash traffic of food delivered

My last look one of young girls

An angel watching from the pavement

The car crash that is myself

Still living in these flames the tears of these girls

Recalling a trial of strength between one and myself


My stump like an old sack steady


Is lately silent and empty

Found by a lonely dustcart

Still my remains ‘unmarked’ @ remember:

He was a fiery fellow, an eagle

And what might be said of him

In the green black water of this basin

An overflowing pit

As they scrape his brains from the traffic system

The chorus repeats what might have been

He’s still to agree himself as the 52 bus dims its lights

Turning into Kensal Green

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