Virtual Europe

A series of bizarre incidents –
bicycles stolen, roads torn up,
people (strangers) without
sound. At the line with Belgium,
sentries marching on Delft:
discovering oil. Normality only
resumed after a televised appeal.
Plus parts of Paris, of course,
from where text messages told
of similar prophecies on the
Seine. In the galleries, it was
good weather to reduce plague
conditions. There was no war
and no peace, just waiting at Via
Condotti for something. A radio,
playing at the feet of a young
Roman, announced: ‘Virtual
Love compasses the earth; its
charms elderly before Sutra
or the Arab deal.’ After
broadcast, I saw Dutch women
sail up the Thames, burn London
and retire to Germany – so old
bankers could drive them around
Munich in private partnerships.

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